Lead Generation, Entreprenuralism and Your Business: 3 Ways to Get the Leads You Need

Finding the best partner for your lead generation is the best way to ensure that you always have new prospects for your products. Here are some of the techniques that your partners should employ to get you the best leads for your business.

product video

– Do you have a product video?

Like it or not, we definitely live in a visual world. According to prominent case studies, your company has a chance to generate leads at a 33% faster rate. Videos can also be used multiple times if they are produced for the online and mobile platforms.

– Keep the idea of spam out of your customer’s wheelhouse!

Too many companies seem far too apologetic for their marketing efforts even before their potential customers have responded. If you or your partner in marketing is sending an initial lead generation email, leave the apologies for spam out of the discussion! Although emails that have even a single sentence that a customer considers spam are 18% less likely to convert, the beginning of any relationship with a customer is confidence. If you do not think that you are spamming your customers, then they are less likely to think so! Speak confidently in your email and do not be afraid to include a call to action.


– Give your customer fewer choices, not more!

Believe it or not, your customers actually want fewer choices from you, not more choices. Consumers appreciate a streamlined process that leads them to a solution without having to think too much. You may believe as though you are creating a wider net for more leads if you extend the amount of choices on your lead generation form, but you are actually reducing your conversion rate the farther that you extend.

Leads will create the grease upon which the rest of your business can fuel itself. With the right leads, you will be able to increase the ROI for all of your other marketing activities. Make sure that you keep up with the latest ways for generating leads so that you can create better pathways for your business!

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