Living the Wealthy Way – 6 Unique Millionaire Savings and Spending Habits to Adapt


Across the world, Kuala Lumpur has the highest population of millionaires, with close to 14,000 of them in the city. These high net worth individuals routinely catch the attention of others around them, simply because of the way they dress and navigate their surroundings. That’s mainly because very few are able to achieve such a lofty level of financial security. For as much as we all want to have the same luxuries, the road to that kind of wealth is often hard to find, and even harder to trek. But by learning how millionaires save and spend, we can adapt the same practices and start our journey on the road less traveled. Learn the millionaire mentality on managing money, and make your way to massive savings by following these 6 methods.1

  1. Learn Smart Spending – When millionaires put out money, they don’t do it for things that won’t serve a purpose in the future. Unlike many of us who buy simple joys today that won’t cost very much tomorrow, millionaires think big, and only spend if they know what they’re buying can be liquidated for just as much or more later on. Think of your purchase before shelling out cash, and try to foresee whether you can make something out of it in the future.2
  2. Delay the Gratification – Hand to mouth existence is how many of us play the game. We earn today, spend today, and wait to earn again to spend again. It’s a vicious cycle. For millionaires, spending and buying is only done when savings goals are met. Learn how to delay gratification, and hold off purchases until you have enough to buy only the best in the market.3
  3. Know When to Ask – Millionaires don’t get that way on their own. Lots of those who fall in the high net worth category have experts giving them cues on when and how to manage their money. A true testament of the effectiveness of this strategy is the outcome in Kuala Lumpur. Wealth management in Malaysia is so exactly tailored, that many of the citizens enjoy secure financial lives. Know when to ask for advice, and don’t be afraid to do research and to learn about money to optimize your management.4
  4. Establish More Than One Source of Income – Millionaires understand that there is no such thing as an eternally stable market. Sometimes, profits for a certain business will reach a low point, and that’s just the way the economy works. To make sure profits are at a steady in-flow, high net worth individuals always choose to establish more than just one source of income. This serves as a safety net that will ensure sustainable profits, even if one market starts to dip.5
  5. Understand Investment Options – An investment idea might seem good on paper, but once you actually venture into it, you might find that it doesn’t actually give the best returns. That’s because there’s a lot that affects the success of an investment. Be sure to understand your options before engaging, so you can forecast performance and returns, to see if it’s worth the risk.6
  6. Make Sacrifices – To be able to set aside more for bigger, brighter things, it’s important that you learn how to make sacrifices today. Avoid overspending, or putting out for things that aren’t necessary. Keep setting money aside, spend time overseeing your sources of income, and soon your efforts will flourish.

Not everyone will be able to experience the millionaire lifestyle, but anyone can become a millionaire if they put the right practices into action. Fake it ‘til you make it to millionaire status, and follow these 6 millionaire money management strategies.