Best 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia – 2014

best credit cards in malaysia

Are you looking for a credit card that would help you save more and earn reward points? Are you looking for extra benefits that your credit card can give you?

If yes, then read our handpicked list of best 10 credit cards in Malaysia:

CardNameRewardBalance TransferInterest RateAnnual Fee
Citibank Rewards Platinum CardPetrol: RM1 spent = 5 Points at all Shell stations
Entertainment: RM1 spent = 5 Points at selected restaurants
Groceries: RM1 spent = 5 Points at major department stores and supermarkets
Shopping: RM1 spent = 5 Points at selected shops
6.99% interest for 12 months8.88%Free
HSBC Visa Reward Credit CardPetrol: RM1 spent = 1 Points
Entertainment, Dining, Shopping & Groceries: RM1 spent = 8 Points at participating outlets at Mid Valley Megamall & The Gardens Mall; 5 points at other malls / stores
4.99% interest for
6 months
15%RM160 (waive with condition)
HSBC Amanah MPower Visa Credit Card-iPetrol: 8% weekend cashback on Shell, Caltex, Petronas if total spending is above RM2,001; 5% if below RM2,000
Dining: 8% weekend cashback if total spending is above RM2,001/month; 5% if below RM2,000
Groceries: 8% weekend cashback at Giant, Tesco, and AEON Big if total spending is above RM2,001; 5% if below RM2,000
Shopping & Entertainment: 0.5% cashback
4.99% interest for
6 months
15%RM90 (waive with condition)
RHB Travel MoneyTravel: 3,500 points = 1,000 Enrich Miles; 6,000 points into 1,000 Singapore KrisFlyer Miles
Petrol: 2% Cashback, 5% on the 1st weekend of the month. Max RM50 per month
Dining & Shopping: RM1 spent overseas = 2 points; 1 point locally
Groceries: RM1 spent = 1 point
0% interest for
12 months
15%RM70 (waive with condition)
Maybankard 2 Cards
(Mastercard + FREE additional American Express card)
Travel: Get 200 Miles with 1000 Points
Entertainment: 5% Cashback on weekends
Groceries: 5% Cashback on weekends
Shopping: 5% Cashback on weekends
General: RM1 spent = 5 Points.
Max Cashback RM50 per month
0% interest for
12 months
Citibank Cash Back PlatinumPetrol: 5% Cashback on Petrol. Max RM30 per month
Entertainment: 2% Cashback on phone bills
Groceries: 2% Cashback on your bills at AEON Big, Tesco, Cold Storage, Giant, Everise, Servay, Econsave, Mydin. Max RM60 per month
Shopping: 0.3% Cashback on shopping expenses
6.99% interest for 12 months8.88%RM195 (waive with condition)
Alliance Bank Visa InfiniteTravel: Get 167 Miles for 1000 Points
Entertainment: RM1 spent = 1 Point
Groceries: RM1 spent = 2 Points
Shopping: RM1 spent = 2 Points
General: RM1 spent abroad = 5 Points
6% interest for 24 months15%RM800 (waive with condition)
Maybank Visa Infinite CardTravel: Get 200 Miles with 1000 Points
General: RM1 spent = 2 Points, RM1 spent abroad = 5 Points
0% interest for 12 months15%RM800 (waive with condition)
UOB One Platinum VisaPetrol: 5% Cashback. Max RM500 per month
Entertainment: 5% Unlimited Cashback at GSC
Groceries: Earn up to RM1500 Cashback per month on groceries at Aeon Big, Tesco, Cold Storage, Pasar Raya Jaya Grocer & Giant
General: Unlimited 0.3% Cashback on all your expenses
7.77% interest for 6 months15%RM168 (waive with condition)
OCBC World MasterCardGeneral: Unlimited 1.2% Cashback on all your expenses0% interest for 6 months15%RM388 (waived for the first year)

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